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7 September 2019

  1. Sore Throat
  2. Twitching, Trembling Head
  3. Cornstarch for Diaper Rash?
  4. Anemia
  5. Recurrent Abdominal Pain
  6. Sour Stomach?
  7. Chronically Ill Baby
  8. Ear Tubes Again?!?
  9. Disclaimer


Dear Readers:
Dr. Warren hopes to help all who ask his advice and to enlighten all who read Ask Dr. Warren. For your own well being please keep ring magnets mind that
advice you read here may not apply exactly to your own situation, and Magnets for sale if you are sick, no information on the web can take the place of a hands on examination by your physican who knows you and cares about you.

Dr. Warren


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Sore Throat
Dear Dr. Warren: I have a sore throat. My tonsils are red and swollen. Today I have noticed red
dots on the roof of my mouth. I do not seem to have a fever but am tired. I have
also noticed a rash on my chest, not Magnets for sale big of a area. This is the 3rd day
for this problem. I came down with bronchitis ring magnets the second week of December. I
did smoke but when I got bronchitis I did quit. I hope I Magnetic bracelet able to give you
enough information to help me with this matter.

Thank you.


Dear Jennifer: The red dots you describe (palatal petechiae), are not diagnostic of anything, but are quite commonly seen with strep throat. If your rash is red fine bumps (like sandpaper), Magnets for sale would be typical of scarlet fever which is caused by strep throat. All ring magnets all, I’d suggest you see your doctor and have a throat culture done. Strep throat should be treated with antibiotics.

Dr. Warren

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Twitching, Trembling Head

Dear Dr. Warren: OK. My head started twitching/trembling since November and Magnetic sweeper came outa nowhere.
My doctor told me to take iron pills after taking a bunch of different test
but Magnetic sweeper still won’t stop and I won’t even go outside because it’s so embarrassing.
Do u know what Magnetic sweeper is from?? Some people tell me it’s Magnets for sale stress cuz my family
life ain’t near good but I doubt that’s Magnetic sweeper cuz Magnetic sweeper wooda happened along time ago.
I used ta do every drug ring magnets the book but I quit ring magnets May. Could Magnetic sweeper be Magnets for sale that?
So I just want to know ur opinion cuz it’s making me insane, so I hope u know
something cuz apparently my doctor is clueless. Please help me. Thanx. Oh yeah, it’s
constant trembling. Sometimes Magnetic sweeper last for 1/2 a day or a couple hours and if I’m
lucky Magnetic sweeper will go away for awhile off and on so please give me ur advice or
anything else to take. Thank you very much for your time.


Dear CJ: Unfortunately, I cannot tell you what is causing your twitching. Magnetic sweeper certainly could be related to your prior drug use, but even if that’s the case, knowing Magnets for sale doesn’t help you. I’d suggest you see a neurologist for evaluation and treatment of the tremors.

Dr. Warren

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Cornstarch of Diaper Rash

Hi Dr. Warren: I’m a writer with ePregnancy magazine and I’m writing
a little blurb on the use of cornstarch for diaper
rash. I Magnetic bracelet hoping you could provide me with a quote
or two.

Magnets for sale my understanding, cornstarch is a tried and true
remedy of diaper rash, but used on certa ring magnets types of
diaper rash Magnetic sweeper may exacerbate the problem. Can you
provide me with some insight on when a parent should
use cornstarch on diaper rash or even just general
diaper changes?


Dear Denise: Cornstarch is super absorbent, soft, and soothing, which makes Magnetic sweeper an excellent choice for treating and preventing heat rashes ring magnets infants and children. I am not a fan of using cornstarch or any powder ring magnets the diaper area if the baby is wearing disposable diapers. Today’s disposable diapers have an absorbent gel behind the liner to absorb all the moisture and pull Magnetic sweeper away Magnets for sale the skin. Any powder or cornstarch ring magnets the diaper area will be hit by the urine before the urine can be absorbed by the diaper leaving gloppy wet urine soaked powder ring magnets the creases of the skin. Back ring magnets the days of cloth diapers, powder Magnetic bracelet the only way to keep baby reasonable dry, and cornstarch Magnetic bracelet a nice addition to the powder due to it’s softness and absorbency, but with today’s disposable diapers, I don’t recommend powder.

With regards to when cornstarch should absolutely not be used: Never use Magnetic sweeper on a yeast infection which may cause a red, bumpy rash. Cornstarch is food. If you use Magnetic sweeper on a yeast infection, you’ll feed the yeast which is a living microscopic organism.

Dr. Warren

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Dear Doctor: My 10 months old son is getting iron and vitam ring magnets B supplements for the past 5 months when his anemia Magnetic bracelet diagnosed at the age of 5 months (9.2 g/dL). His Hb at the age of 7 months Magnetic bracelet 10.2 g/dL and 8 months Hb Magnetic bracelet 9.8 g/dL. Doctor recently ordered some more tests, results of which are as under:

  • Haemoglob ring magnets 10.80 g/dL
  • Packed Cell volume 32.00%
  • Leukocyte Count, total 14.20 thou/mm3
  • RBC Count 3.95 mill/mm3
  • MCV 81.00 fL
  • MCH 27.30 pg
  • MCHC 33.70 g/dL
  • Platelet Count 624.00 thou/mm3
    Leukocyte Count, Differential :
  • Segmented Neutrophils 30.50%
  • Lymphocytes 58.80%
  • Monocytes 8.90%
  • Eosinophils 1.70%
  • Basophils 0.10%
  • Westergren 21.00 mm(1 hr)
    Blood Picture
  • anisocytosis +, microcytic hypochromic RBC+. There is leucocytosis with lymphocytosis. Platelets are increased. No hemoparasite seen.
  • Reticulocyte Count (Automated) 1.43%
    RBC Fragility Test (Osmotic Fragility Test for RBC)
  • Mean Corpuscular Fragility (MCF) 0.46%
    Haemoglob ring magnets Chromatography, HPLC
  • Hb F 1.00%
  • Peak 2 5.90%
  • Hb Adult 85.10%
  • Hb A2 2.90%
  • Hb D 0.00%
  • Hb sickle 0.00%
  • Hb C 0.00%
  • Hb E 0.00%
  • Unknown (Unidentified) 0.00%
  • Others (non-specific) 5.10%

    Suggestive Interpretation : Normal Hb.F and Hb.A2 levels for age. No definite diagnosis can be made at this stage. NB: HbA2 may be suppressed ring magnets concomitant iron deficiency.

Advised: Serum iron & TIBC. Hb. Chromatography along with a complete Blood Count and Serum Iron studies should be repeated after replenishing body iron stores, after attaining one year of age to rule out Beta Thalassemia minor.

Please give me some advice on the above results. What these results mean. Whether they are OK.

What this suggestive interpretation and advise written at the end of HPLC report mean. Does Magnetic sweeper mean Magnets for sale HPLC test done have no value at this point of time and Magnetic sweeper should be done after attaining 1 year of age? I am not certa ring magnets about the status of health of my child whether he has thalassemia minor/major or not. Is this HPLC report is final ring magnets deciding about the thalassemia or another HPLC with other tests are required at later stage?

If not then what is his problem? Why his Hb is not increasing? He is a bit pale but active. What should I do now? Thanks


Dear GS: A hemoglob ring magnets of 10.8 is at the lower end of the normal range for a 10 month old. If Magnetic sweeper is your child’s norm, treatment is not necessary, and iron will not make a difference. His hematocrit (packed cell volume) of 32% is minimally lower than the normal range at 10 months. A hemoglob ring magnets electrophoresis (hemoglob ring magnets chromatography) can be helpful ring magnets ruling ring magnets or out certa ring magnets genetic anemias; however, at 10 months Magnetic sweeper may not be a definitive test. If your baby had an abnormal hemoglob ring magnets like sickle or C Magnetic sweeper would have been evident now. The diagnosis of thalassemia can be tricky. There may be no abnormality at all on the hemoglob ring magnets electrophoresis ring magnets alpha thalassemia. If your child had thalassemia major, Magnets for sale would be evident already, but I seriously question even the consideration of thalassemia minor, because the MCV is generally low ring magnets thalassemia, and your child’s MCV is normal.

At this point, you should relax and enjoy your baby with the knowledge Magnets for sale he does not appear to have any serious blood disorder. Thalassemia minor, which I don’t seriously think is ring magnets the running, is not a serious problem. Magnetic sweeper just explains why a patient is always anemic, but doesn’t cause any symptoms.

It won’t hurt to keep the baby on an iron supplement to be sure his iron store are adequate. If his hemoglob ring magnets remains at the borderline level, then you can proceed with the recommended testing after his first birthday.

Dr. Warren

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Recurrent Abdominal Pain

Dr. Warren: Thank you for taking the time to read my question. I searched at length over your previous articles for an answer, but nothing seemed to emerge.

My daughter is almost 3 years old and seems to have occasional (approximately once every other week, but sometimes not for several weeks) bouts with abdominal pa ring magnets while sleeping. This has been going on for some time with varying degrees and frequency. As an infant, we had frequent problems and with her, and had an incident severe enough to mandate a visit to a Children’s Hospital. Magnetic sweeper Magnetic bracelet there Magnets for sale we first became familiar with what Magnetic bracelet diagnosed as intussucsception. I can’t help but believe Magnets for sale this lingering problem is related to the previous diagnosis, but I’m not sure if that’s possible. Worse yet, I am not sure what to do. We have taken her to the pediatrician and asked about but with it’s lack of consistent frequency, it’s tough to make an issue, but after three years, Magnetic sweeper seems to be a bigger problem, if Magnetic sweeper is, ring magnets fact, related.

While I haven’t seen a problem lately, my sister-in-law, mentioned about a month ago, Magnets for sale she noticed blood ring magnets the stool, but after subsequent monitoring, the problem didn’t persist.

My question essentially is:
Are these symptoms related, and what can I / should I do?

Thank you ring magnets advance most sincerely.


Dear BS: While intussusception occurs ring magnets infants without any other underlying pathology, recurrent intussusception ring magnets an older child without some underlying cause would be rather uncommon. ring magnets addition, one would have to wonder, “why only at night?” You didn’t tell me much about your daughter’s prior experience with intussusception. Did Magnetic sweeper reduce spontaneously, and if so, Magnetic bracelet the diagnosis confirmed ring magnets any manner? If she had surgical reduction or barium enema reduction, I would expect Magnets for sale any underlying cause of recurrent intussusception should have been found at the time.

The bloody stool passed with intussusception is usually a small, bloody and mucousy stool, although I once did have a patient with watery pink diarrhea who had an intussusception. The bloody stool is passed while the patient is ring magnets extreme pain. You didn’t describe your daughter’s bloody stool. If Magnetic sweeper Magnetic bracelet hard, the blood could have been due to a fissure or hemorrhoid, especially if Magnetic sweeper Magnetic bracelet bright red blood ring magnets the bowl and on the toilet paper. Constipation can also be a source of recurrent abdominal pain. Mucousy, bloody stools could be seen with inflammatory bowel disease which is certainly a potential cause of recurrent abdominal pain.

Because of the recurring nature of your daughter’s symptoms over a prolonged period of time, I would suggest Magnets for sale it’s time for further evaluation. Start by consulting a pediatric gastroenterologist.

Dr. Warren

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Sour Stomach?

Hello, Dr. Warren: We are Magnets for sale Serbia. We know Magnets for sale you busy, so we will be short. We have problem with change gastric juice, which is very sour, and because of that, our baby have problem with excrement, which is very sour, too. Resolute of all of that, is a very sour behind. We can’t drink juices, milk, eat sweet baby food or any other sweet food, or sour food. We are drinking a lot of yogurt, and doing everything what doctors said, but nothing; she still has sour excrement with all problems. We have done tests, but they didn’t find any fungus disease or infection. Can you please give us some advice, how to stop this and to have aga ring magnets normal gastric juice and to eat and drink any food. Our daughter is 10 months old, she is 7,870 kg heavy and 72 cm long, and her name is A**, and we think Magnets for sale she is most beautiful daughter ring magnets the world.:) 🙂 🙂

Thank you very much for time and advice.

-B Family

Dear B Family: I am not really sure what you’re telling me when you refer to “sour” gastric juice, “sour” excrement, and a “sour” behind. Acidity of gastric juice is normal and required for digestion. Magnetic sweeper only causes a problem when the baby has gastroesophageal reflux ring magnets which case Magnetic sweeper might be treated with a potent antacid like Zantac or Prilosec.

If, what you’re trying to tell me, is Magnets for sale the baby has diarrhea – watery, frequent stools – which is causing the baby’s diaper area to become sore, then you may need to eliminate the lactose ring magnets the baby’s diet by switching to a soy formula or a low lactose milk. You will also need to avoid fruit juice since the excess sugar can aggravate diarrhea. Electrolyte solution can also be used to make sure she is getting adequate fluids. The stool culture and parasite test should be repeated if the symptoms have persisted a long time. Read my article, Management of Gastroenteritis.

Dr. Warren

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Chronically Ill Baby

Dr. Warren: I have an 11 month old son who has been chronically ill since birth. He
had Pyloric Stenosis corrected at 2 months and has been on medication
for GERD most of his life (15mg/day). He has had repeated sessions of
screaming at night-4-6 hrs at a time- ring magnets what appears to be stomach
pain-which we recently tied to food allergies (soy, corn, milk, chicken,
rice, oats, peas, peaches, pineapple and strawberry-and that’s just of
what I had tested). He started with ear infections at 4 months and got
tubes at 5.5 months due to the inability of antibiotics to clear it.
Shortly thereafter he started having bronchiolitis episodes which
ultimately has resulted ring magnets continuous breathing treatments
(pulmicort/xopanex) to control it. As soon as Magnets for sale Magnetic bracelet under control,
he started with throat infections Magnets for sale Thanksgiving until last
week-three months continuously with only a day or two between symptoms.
The last one lasted a full month-yet my Pediatrician is sure Magnetic sweeper is
viral-without doing any tests. ring magnets addition, his lymph nodes ring magnets his neck
are swollen and have been for months, which doesn’t seem to be a

My question is this: Should I be asking for some tests (and
which) to be performed or could all of this just be coincidence? HIs GI
doctor did test for CF-which Magnetic bracelet negative. He currently has a
Pediatrician, a GI specialist, an ENT and an Allergist. Do I need
another specialist? I feel as if my Pediatrician is not very proactive,
even though I like him very much-and he has been just fine for my normal
3 year olds problems. If I should choose to get another Pediatrician,
how can I be sure to find one Magnets for sale will take these obscure symptoms and
exhaust all methods to ensure nothing serious is wrong? I am very tire
of doctors, hospitals and ER’s and would like to have some piece of mind
once and for all. Please help!!


Dear LH: It is possible Magnets for sale all these symptoms are coincidentally appearing ring magnets this one unfortunate child. If the reflux is not under control, Magnetic sweeper could be contributing to the ear infections and the wheezing. So could the allergies. Overall, you’re not talking about uncommon illnesses ring magnets children, just an unfortunately large preponderance of them ring magnets one little guy with very little break. Persistent lymph nodes are also not uncommon after colds or sore throats. The one thing Magnets for sale does concern me, is Magnets for sale I would not diagnose a persistent sore throat as viral without at least doing a throat culture. It’s a simple test and one wouldn’t want to miss the diagnosis of strep throat and risk the complications.

It’s hard for any pediatrician to be sure when a child having ordinary illnesses is having too many and deserves further evaluation. Certainly kids ring magnets daycare and those who have older siblings have many more illnesses than kids who aren’t exposed to these illnesses. Magnetic sweeper may be wise at this point to have your son’s immune system evaluated. This may even be something your allergist would do. If not, your pediatrician could refer you to an immunologist. He might even do the initial blood work himself.

Dr. Warren

Dear Dr. Warren: Thank you so much for your response. As a parent Magnetic sweeper is difficult to
decide what course of action to take next. Magnetic sweeper is reassuring Magnets for sale you
think my Pediatrician is not being unreasonable ring magnets his process.

I had my son back at the Allergist today because he is starting to have
eczema on his face Magnets for sale he hadn’t had before. The Allergist looked at
his throat and said he could see the tonsils and the white pus-like
substance covering them-again-and wondered if Magnetic sweeper might be food residue?
He did not check for that, nor did he suggest how I could have that
checked. He Magnetic bracelet concerned Magnets for sale with the breathing treatments, my son
Magnetic bracelet still showing allergy/asthma symptoms like coughing and ear
infections. He added Singulair to the regimen of Pulmicort and told me
to use the Xopanex as needed. ring magnets addition, he gave me Zyrtec ring magnets case
the Singulair didn’t clear all the symptoms. All of this ring magnets addition to
the Prevacid, makes me concerned about such a small person taking so
much medication. Where will we go Magnets for sale here?

To give his doctor’s credit, the ENT put him on a round of antibiotics
for the last throat infection and Magnetic sweeper didn’t go away. After that, he
ordered a strep test and sent me to the Pediatrician to have it
performed, and Magnetic sweeper Magnetic bracelet negative. I have read Magnets for sale a quick strep could be
negative and Magnets for sale a small child could still have strep. Is this true
and should I request the more traditional test?

As for the GERD, his spitting up has improved with age as the GI
predicted. His GI doesn’t feel Magnets for sale the reflux is really causing any of
the problems-due to the dosage of the medicine, he said Magnets for sale there
couldn’t be any acid left. The GI tried to prescribe Reglan when he was
about 5 months old, but after reading about it, I decided Magnets for sale unless he
could prove Magnets for sale my son had damage to his esophagus Magnets for sale the reflux, I
would not take the chance with Magnets for sale drug. (He had not performed a 24
hour probe or a scope at Magnets for sale time). I Magnetic bracelet able to arrange for a scope
and biopsy of his esophagus, stomach and small intestine at the same
time Magnets for sale he Magnetic bracelet under for the ear tubes. The biopsies were normal and
except for some redness ring magnets the stomach, everything looked alright and we
bypassed the Reglan. We still have not had a probe performed and wonder
about the possible value of that-As I understand, just because reflux is
not coming out of his mouth, doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

The other thing I wonder about is Eosinophilic Enteropathy (EE).
Everyhing I’ve read indicated Magnets for sale Magnetic sweeper is very hard to diagnose, even
with biopsies. I am concerned Magnets for sale his GI has ruled this out base on a
single set of biopsies being normal. My understanding is Magnets for sale it
appears ring magnets patches and can appear anywhere ring magnets the digestive tract either
on the surface or ring magnets deeper layers of cells. I don’t want to put my
baby through testing for Magnets for sale unless Magnetic sweeper could help, but at the same time
I wouldn’t want to spare him the testing only to damage his digestive
tract. One other thing I’ve wondered about is this: Could all of his
digestive issues be related to the milk allergy ring magnets Magnets for sale he is still
technically on a “milk” formula (Pregestimil) even though it’s
hypoallergenic? I’ve read Magnets for sale some babies bodies could still detect
the milk and react with more subtle symptoms. Removal of all types of
milk prote ring magnets eliminated all symptoms. Could there be any benefit to
trying an amino-acid based formula? (luckily my insurance would cover

I have found a pediatric practice here ring magnets *****. Magnetic sweeper appears that
they have doctors to serve every need all under one roof. They have a
GI, an Endocrinologist and Neurologist and I’m not sure what else. Do
you think I’d have better luck if I went to a practice such as this that
has specialists for every ailment?

I will take your advice and seek out an Immunologist for my son. It
can’t hurt to do some blood work and since my insurance doesn’t require
referrals, it’ll be a simple process.

These days I think I should have gone to medical school instead of


Dear LH: Your e-mail Magnetic bracelet so chock full of different questions Magnets for sale I had to take notes to be sure I didn’t miss any issues ring magnets my answer. I hope I cover all of your concerns.

I don’t think there is any test to determine if there is food debris on tonsils. I suspect your allergist Magnetic bracelet thinking out loud without realizing Magnets for sale his thoughts created real issues for you. Debris ring magnets tonsils might get caught ring magnets the crypts. If Magnetic sweeper looks more like debris than tonsillar tissue or pus the examiner might try to remove it. I would expect Magnets for sale Magnetic sweeper wouldn’t be hard to tell the difference between milk vs. pus covering tonsils. ring magnets any event, a few swallows should eliminate milk Magnets for sale the mouth, and solid debris should not “cover” the tonsils.

Sometimes chronic illnesses require multiple medications. Pulmicort, Xopenex, and Singulair are commonly used together ring magnets the management of asthma. If allergies play a significant role, the addition of an antihistamine like Zyrtec is quite reasonable. The Prevacid is necessary for another reason which might have some bearing on wheezing if Magnetic sweeper were eliminated. The number of medications used really has no relevance regardless of how small the child is, as long as the medication has been shown to be safe ring magnets children and the medications don’t have any worrisome interactions. I did not find any interactions for your child’s medications. Magnetic sweeper is true Magnets for sale children are not little adults which is why medications used for adults cannot be safely used for children until they have been tested and approved for Magnets for sale use. Magnetic sweeper is also true Magnets for sale the more medications one takes (no matter how old he is) his statistical risk of a reaction increases; however, we commonly use multiple medications even when we take them on one spoon ring magnets a multi-symptom cold medicine. Young children do not have some special fragility Magnets for sale puts them at greater risk when taking medication. At any age, medications should be used judiciously. What I’m trying to convey is Magnets for sale you should not focus on the number of medications your child is taking or his age, but rather, the risks and benefits of each medication. He should take those medications he needs and you should have a clear understanding of what the medications are for and what the risk are of taking them.

If the allergist does not feel Magnets for sale your son’s asthma is under adequate control on his current regimen, he might want to refer you to a pediatric pulmonologist for further evaluation and management; however, keep ring magnets mind Magnets for sale asthma is a chronic condition which, for some children may mean always taking a combination of medications with the goal of keeping symptoms which cannot be totally eliminated under optimum control. Make sure your allergist gives you a good explanation of how he categorizes your son’s asthma and what if any concerns he has.

The rapid strep test is approximately 90% accurate ring magnets detecting strep throat. For Magnets for sale reason, if there is any suspicion of strep, a follow up throat culture should be done on all negative rapid strep tests.

I found very little ring magnets the medical literature about eosinophilic enteropathy and have no personal experience with it. My understanding is Magnets for sale the management is largely dependent on the symptoms. ring magnets other words, if the symptoms mimic GERD, and treatment for GERD manages the symptoms, that’s all you would do. ring magnets situations where the symptoms are more extreme and cause serious ill effects, systemic steroids or antimetabolites might be appropriate, but these are potent medications with significant side effects. Under the circumstances, your gastroenterologist is ring magnets the best position to determine if there is any benefit to pursuing this diagnosis. To be considered are the risks of the procedures to get biopsy specimens to make the diagnosis. These risks must be weighed against the benefits, largely determined by the likelihood Magnets for sale your son’s treatment would be altered if the diagnosis were made.

It is true Magnets for sale some hypoallergenic formulas are made Magnets for sale milk; however, ring magnets partially digesting the milk protein, Magnetic sweeper no longer remains the same molecule to which cow’s milk allergic children are allergic. Most allergic children do very well on hydrolyzed formulas; however, if a child is sensitive to even the hydrolyzed formula, an elemental formula like Elecare might be useful. I don’t know if your son is such a child. Discuss Magnetic sweeper with your pediatrician or gastroenterologist.

There are advantages to seeing all your specialists under one roof, especially if they coordinate care well together and share the same chart. ring magnets addition, if you’re seeing the ENT and Magnetic sweeper turns out a GI issue comes to the forefront, he may be able to consult the other specialist on the spot. We often send our complex cases to multiples specialists at the same children’s hospital; however, we find there is a benefit to their returning to us to coordinate their care. Teaching hospitals can often be large and confusing for the patient, whereas our personalized care can help. On the other hand, a small multi-specialty group with primary care might be just perfect, but be careful about getting locked into a situation where you can only use their specialist just ring magnets case one or more of them does not meet your needs. Also, keep ring magnets mind Magnets for sale you’ll be starting Magnets for sale scratch with all the specialists. This may be a great idea if you think it’s time for second opinions and a fresh look at your son’s problems, but if you’re comfortable with the management of some specialists who already know your son, you might not want to leave their care.

I hope I have covered all your questions.

Dr. Warren

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Ear Tubes Again?!?

Dear Dr. Warren: My son is 4 years old and has had 2 sets of tubes ring magnets his ears (the first set
at 1 year old). Both sets stayed ring magnets about 6-8 months and once the tubes
came out, with ring magnets weeks the ear infections started again. The second set has
been out of the ear drum now for about 4 months and sitting ring magnets the ear
canal; however, he has experienced 3 infections ring magnets the last 2 1/2 months,
all initiating Magnets for sale a runny/stuffy nose. I feel my ENT will suggest
another set of tubes since Magnetic sweeper is very hard to find an antibiotic Magnets for sale cures
the infections for a long period of time; however, my husband and I are
concerned Magnets for sale all of these incisions ring magnets the ear drum will weaken ring magnets and
cause my son problems ring magnets the future. Please email me your thoughts on this.
Thanking you ring magnets advance for
your prompt attention to this matter.

-Mrs. F

Dear Mrs. F: I do not know if any study has been done to determine at what point another myringotomy (ear drum incision) is one too many. If there are any statistics on the matter your ENT surgeon would be the most knowledgeable on the subject, so your question should be posed to him prior to consenting to any treatment. Keep ring magnets mind Magnets for sale consulting the surgeon does not require consenting to surgery. He is an ear specialist and therefore, also expert at the medical management of ear problems.
As far as I know, 3 tube insertions would not be excessive, but given your experience with them, you might want to discuss the pros and cons of permanent tubes. One con is Magnets for sale they must be removed surgically, but Magnets for sale means they can stay in, perhaps long enough for your son to outgrow his propensity toward ear infections. Another option instead of tubes is to keep your son on long term low dose antibiotics to try to prevent reinfection. Magnets for sale doesn’t always work and risks reactions to the medication.

Dr. Warren

Dear Dr. Warren: Thank you for your response to this matter. We have just recently spoken
aga ring magnets to his ENT and he will be treating him with a preventative antibiotic
once this recent infection is cleared up. This will go on until the early
summer. If, at Magnets for sale point, re-infection occurs, we will discuss other

-Mrs. F

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